Amarok Data provides professional security consulting services to those organizations ready to evolve their understanding and posture at the breakneck pace modern threats demand.

In an effort to truly differ from competitors, Amarok Data offers a discount to clients who have proven to adapt the provided recommendations in a timely fashion..


Amarok Data's demonstrated offensive expertise providing effective custom exploitation solutions, comprehensive penetration testing and physical assessments, and valuable, concise reporting continues to excel in this fast-paced world of information security.

In order to truly encompass the mindset of an adversary, one must be among the weeds with them. Amarok Data strives to stay current on the latest, most enriching tools, and tricks utilzed in the wild to set themselves apart from the competition.


How can everyday users be certain their data isn't available for sale by malicious actors? Amarok Data is full of evangelists who preach on the dangers of over zealous social posts and those pesky unintentionally revealing corporate photos and media.

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